Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tourist spots:

 Particularly, the Ichum Keirap Village has no picnic spot or other tourist centre. On the suburb of its border, lies a newly famous ‘EEshing Chaibi’ or Waterfall which is situated at Thangthilon or Sadu Chiru village. This natural Waterfall, despite of dispute for ownership between its local villages-Sadu Chiru and Sajal, has been attracting many peoples from the state. Today, it has become a picnic spot.
         The Agape Garden : This Garden’ owned and managed by Kamlun Telien which is situated just near to the above waterfall has also been becoming a known place for picnic and outing. This Garden is worthy to visit especially on holidays and other half days. Its entry charge is fixed at Rs.5/- per head.(Call for detail: K.T.Kom@09862897237)

      This park or garden has become a desire place for outing and picnic within the region excluding its locals. The fantastic arrangement of different flowers in a boulevard manner producing a pleasant scenery is worth visiting.
Sa-Sen Lon Tlang: This place was once known for its arial viewing good place. It was visited often when an  annual picnic or pantras were organised. Today, it has become a bushy covered with trees and scrubs.Gone is the days but recalling, it take us back to the past life where lesser pain and agonies were experienced. 

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